May 1, 2018

Chai Time ChitChat #15

We finally did it. Took a much needed vacation to another country.

While a blog post dedicated to all the pretty artistic and historic places we visited and seized, is pending I would like to just pull a chair along with a cup of simmering hot Adarakhwali chai and chat.

As much as I love being home, snug up under the blanket while reading my favourite book, I love exploring new places and feel them like local people. The amount of stress we both went through in last three months - office and wedding at home - we were bound to feel fresh after the vacation we took. That is what has happened.

Vacations are magic. I was suspecting a severe jet-leg (and mental hangover) after coming back but I am already feeling fresh. Everything seems new. Irritations are yet to resurface. Energy levels have gone up even when the sun is scorching hot. I am not sure how much it would sustain but who cares? Why to worry about sustainability of happiness when you can enjoy every second of it.

What did we do in Italy? Well, aren't you hopeful that I would write a post if not couple of them on the trip? If no, let me tell you what did we do.

We walked, we ate (Like our Kaki says, No food can be bad in Italy), we observed, we drank, we walked, we climbed, we hiked, we watched movies, we slept of like logs and we talked, talked and talked. If you know my husband is a man of few words, I must say he is not a chatterbox like me but lets say his words are seasonal. Luckily the weather was perfect otherwise too.

Now when we are back in the most humid city I have ever lived in after Singapore (Wait, I have lived in total five cities only) it is not taking a toll on me. I may be too early to write about it, but I'm already feeling bold enough to brave it.

Of course, I miss the no-sweat-and-a-jacket weather, greenery around, delicious pasts and croissants with coffee but then the comfort of your own bed is also a thing.

What do you think about Vacations? Are you a home snob or globe trotter?

April 16, 2018

Birthday Bumps!

Yes, I am 30 and hence, I am not of the age where I get Birthday Bums! Only Birthday Bumps.

Now, if you are done rolling eye balls on my poor joke let me tell you. This 30ish birthday is already a bumpy ride.

- I am off for an Italian vacation today and I have a long to do list to finish in the office
- I am not sinking in with the fact that after a year full of activities in personal life and hectic schedules followed with 200% involvement in my professional life, I am a few hours away from a much needed and deserving vaction
- I am not able to express the happiness of getting a gorgeous wood carved frame and a mobile phone as birthday gifts from Mr.ISB. I am just not sure how do one express happiness. I was always a weird child and I am still weird at 30.
- I am not able to see myself even on the airport to leave for the vacation. Curtsy: Office Work
- I have been reminded of the ticking biological clock all the time. Aging is something out of trend for people. The clan of my husband's family look really younger than their age. My clan is famous for wisdom. Khi Khi. (Ouch it hurts!)

While the joy ride of getting gifts, phone calls and wishes from family and friends was very special, what do you think of the bumpy ride I am going through.


April 12, 2018

Early Birthday Surprise

Surprises arrive only when you are not expecting a thing from this universe.

(Also, because you are tired, dull and ..well.. grumpy and irritated to even think about your birthday)

Last Saturday (Yes, my lord. I have six days working week) started with a lot of work, a lot of is an understated phrase but I would stop at that. Amidst all the tick mark to-does, I was pulled into two hours review for the year. Obviously it went well but a review is a review is a review. (No, I am not high. Just..well... dull tired post migraine) So the stress ache my body gets had surfaced already when I left office at 6 pm. The thumping head ache made me almost cancel meeting my best friend R (who is in the town for a few days) but then I do not have my own friends in the town generally. So, missing this would be very disappointing. Mr.ISB also was of the same opinion. (He is always like that, but I figured out the real motive afterwards)

I went back home for fifteen minutes, had tea to make myself headache free (just to postpone it for three four hours) and left for the venue we had decided.

When R arrived, it was magic. We started chatting about all sorts of things. 'Everything under the sun' is the correct statement there. I was also excited for the new phone Mr.ISB had got me on the same day. Just when I thought- oh my god time is running out and I am not sure when I would be able to meet her again and how would I be able to meet rest of my buddies again- she started smiling. Almost like Monalisa, albeit with a lot of alcohol before flaunting the fishy smile. I stared her for a while and looked back.


I saw three buddies behind my back. (who had planned this surprise behind my back only, one of the three was, needless to say, Mr.ISB)

This was a real real real surprise. My complaint to the universe about people not planning to give me surprises in general, went straight to the dustbin flying in the rings of Saturn (Please do not take this statement literally!)

We all met after three and half years. Yes! I could not believe my eyes.

Time just flew by and I wanted to cling on to the evening. Well....

Only if...


Approaching 30s is not exactly an exciting era for me but this surprise along with a couple of happy gifts from Mr.ISB, made it already exciting!

Birthday is yet to come. Hence, wishes would be accepted only on the day.

April 2, 2018

You too

It is not really a spoof on #metoo movement. It is in fact written with a little bit heavy heart because every day since 1st of April A-Z Blogathon posts are popping up and sad news is, I am not taking it up in this month. (No......) Here is the good news (Not the baby news, nosy aunties!) we are going for a vacation for ten days in April hence, I decided not to participate in the Blogathon this year (Or atleast in April!)

Now coming back to the post. My life in office has come to a point where, the temperament of yours truly remains only one degree down to the boiling point. So when, my team members were busy solving a problem thanks to their language skill set - I refrained from monitoring trouble shooting the real time work going on in the system and rather started trouble shooting with our guys on the field.

Now, this is what happens when thirty people across nine locations of India are in one single WhatsApp group where we communicate if they are goofing up by mistake while entering required data (Am I sounding like a nerd? well, I am!) So, my team keeps on checking for such errors and post them in the same group, I am talking about.

So, I started posting error messages while my team was busy in something else. My typing speed is pretty fast, so they started getting messages faster than usual and three teams in three locations were making more mistakes, hence only their names were popping up constantly. This one fellow from some other location got worried that why no messages are being sent on his name? (In fact, he was doing just fine!) So, he messaged in the group amidst all trouble shoot messages.

"What about me, mam?"

Now, when we saw this message by this man feeling left out, after two hundred messages which were virtually finger pointing for rectification- every one started laughing.I added the fuel to the fire by saying (Not typing there obviously)

"I love you too"

And now there was a laughing riot.

(We can see, on going activities and communication on a bigger screen)

March 23, 2018

Chai Time Chitchat #14

It feels like an era is over which started some 10 months back. An era of the Wedding of our sibling and the post wedding fatigue. Or at least I would like to think so that it is over.

I did the opening of 'this new era' (Again era! How dramatic I can be!) by taking the first step of trying out the french art of decoupaging. Decoupaging papers are not available in plenty in India but when we can recycle,why not? I used one of those 17 glass wine bottles I have collected and a torn Harry Potter book pages to make the first pilot.

Art is where your heart is, I say. I am not an artist from any stretch of imagination but this is something which puts me in the subconscious flow. Much like dancing, for me. The happiness of creating something can not be compared to any thing. And after all, I had read some where -'Home is where art is!' While my updated version is, 'Home is where the art is and the Chai is!'

By the way, do you know there is no fun in having Adarakhwali chai alone? I miss our uncle and aunt with whom I can share the super strong Adarakhwali chai. Lets see if how I can accommodate back to usual food habits and Chai Habits.

March 8, 2018


In the center of the city, we work on the beach. (Dadar is central Mumbai, right?)

Sorry for such a lame word play, but no words can express the view we can experience, at the end of the lane where my new office has shifted to.

...And the breeze.. Ooff...

PS: Can you spot the sea link?


March 5, 2018

Chini Kum, Adarakh Zyada

This how I am greeted by a few people in our office building. No kidding.

When our company started operations in that shiny new building but a small setup, a couple of us were worried about food and tea. While I chose to bring lunch from home, we tried ordering tea from cafeteria situated in an open terrace downstairs. Who on earth can survive without that one cup of tea to overcome the afternoon slump?

Now, I have CCD! - Chai Compulsive Disorder. I can drink tea, made only by a total of four specific people. On the first day, I took eternity to finish it (Read: Acting as if I am drinking), I cried silent tears. I spent many days without tea. Meanwhile my flu got worsened in terms of frequency of bouts hence, I decided to take the plunge. I took the challenge of developing a vendor and supply chain for tea of my taste.

I short listed one of the vendors who would make tea in our own building. I made an agreement regarding the price, raw material (Read: Ingredients - fresh ginger and milk) and operational instructional. In fact, I gave the secret (so much that no one wants to drink tea made by this recipe) recipe in written.To my surprise, this guy picked it up really really well.

It became a routine for them to fulfill the order of this new tea as soon as they see me entering the cafe or hear my voice for the order on phone. The code name of the recipe was 'Chini Kum, Adarakh Zyada' because that is what would be my short description while ordering, so that they dont forget that I wont touch the normal tea.

Slowly,  my name and the greeting also became this four word phrase. "Good Morning" and "Good Evening" , "Kaise Ho" and "Madam Dikhe Nahi kal" got converted into smiles and "Chini Kum, Adarakh Zyada".


Yesterday we shifted to a bigger and better office. My heart skipped a beat when I was not greeted in the morning by the same group of people.  I missed my tea and smiles without our slogan the most.

Some where, I am not sure if I would get same smiles even if I get the perfect "Chini Kum Adarkh Zyada" Chai, ever.