December 7, 2017

Inside Out

That day I was tired. Understatement. I wanted to just collapse in the office but the saner me said, my juniors would follow me then. So, I reached home and directly banged into our room to change to my super comfortable night dress which consists husband's over sized Tee and Pajama (Pajama is mine, of course!)

By mistake, I switched on the night lamp. My fatigued self asked me to ditch the efforts to go back to the correct switch and straight away change. Now in that dim light- what I did was my sheer laziness to check the status of clothes.

I wore the T-shirt inside out.

Lets not get into where all I wondered in this attire but when Mr.ISB pointed it out to me, I cringed and refused to correct my mistake. Instead I just went straight to the bed.

And... Then, Mr.ISB appeared in front of my eyes,

"Look, I am giving you a company.  I am wearing the T- shirt inside out too!"

I smiled and snored away to glory with this amazing feeling.

*In side out in love*

Khi Khi!

December 4, 2017

Oh, Holidays

So a couple of months back, both of us with my in-laws and Sister-in-law designed this multi-directional trip to several places together. As we have a wedding in the family, we had to do a short pilgrimage and a small post-wedding (our wedding) ritual in a couple of small towns in Gujarat apart from visitng Mr.ISB' maternal family in MIL's home town. Now, I am not a very temple loving person and I was also stretching at office - hence was not really enthusiastic about this trip. (There was a silver lining called Ahmedabad at the end which kept me motivated!)

But, let me tell you- as soon as we boarded the train to this small town called Bhavnagar from Mumbai - I was as excited like a kid,eager to enjoy train travelling. I am not sure how many years ago I traveled such long distances with the family, taking over the entire compartment and eating home made food, just to do time pass. My usual Ahmedabad-Mumbai train journeys are nothing but a bedding to sleep over night. Ah!

Anyway, visiting my MIL's home and tales she has been telling so far , was nothing but enjoyment. Not to forget, apart from a few calls from office I was completely off work. 

We then moved from Bhavnagar to our Kuldevi temple which is actually a Shiva temple in the interior area called Thapa Dungar. I am agnostic to religions but if there is any temple which I found to be not interfering with any one's financial status, clothes, rituals or even nature- it has to be this. A small family managed oldish stone temple with no noise but chirping of birds, managed to give a lot of peace. Something I never get from visiting temples unlike most of the people in my family. Oh, and this decor lover loved the french style bougainvillea on the gate of the temple.

Who wants flower decoration made by man when the nature decorates the temple with creepers!

No marbles, No Gold plated pillars or gates- temples can be simple too!

Shiva Linga which the priest gladly let us click. The white Potali has our wedding card in it and well, no luxuriously made statues here!
After soaking ourselves in the peaceful atmosphere, we moved to a town called Palitana where we stayed over night and visited two Jain temples situated at the foot of the main hill. Again, these temples were made from stone and had a lot of history attached to it. Their age old aura sadly was too crowded to feel and too ritualistic to dwell into but as a first time visitor I really enjoyed. Not to forget Bhel and curd we hogged on to after we were done with temple visits.

Now, it was the time for me to reunite with my parents. After a journey of four hours we all reached home in Ahmedabad. A comfortable evening at home and time spent together by both families would be nice to remember forever. 

Needless to say, next day we shopped shopped and shopped. Once my in laws, husband and SIL left, I repeated the shopping part, apart from spending time with my brother and parents in every possible way. Ah, not to forget time spent with Frock buddy N (if I could write another post about it!) and with two swings in our balcony which is my favorite place at home.

Obviously, when it was time to leave, I felt as if I am transitioning to a different world. I think, I am suffering from hangover. 

Anyone for coffee? 


November 6, 2017

Chai Time Chitchat #12

Now, this November there would be a lot of  Halchal in my daily schedule.

Fortunately and Unfortunately timing of my work ramping up with one of the most important projects is clashing with family-wedding preparation phase at home. I do not want to even imagine how I might struggle to keep up both the stuff alive but I have decided to let it flow on its on.

Then there is this severe neck pain resurfacing back and the stagnancy I have hit in my fitness drive. I have to confess, I am failing to work out every morning but I try to be active all day long. So much that at the end of the day my legs cry. Literally.

Also, a trip back home is shaping up with our Chheda Chhedi (Don't ask, this ritual is generally done after the wedding in my husband's family where the Sister In law unties the wedding knot in the temple and then is gifted the same bridal saree/dupatta given by the in laws to the bride. Don't ask why.) ritual in another town. This time, I swear, I am dying to go home to meet my family and frock buddy N. Really I am. I am not a person who craves to this extent to visit home. People change!

With the shopping spree which kicked off a bit late for the Sister In law, who is getting married next year, I have to decide on my own outfits. The task is daunting because, now I am not the bride so my mother can not ask me to say 'yes' to whatever is given by in laws (or any one for that matter) and sadly, my taste is very understated if you compare it with my MIL and SIL's taste. Luckily, my husband has a very very elegant taste in clothes for me. Hence, this time I might be braving the expectations by others.

There is another pressure of looking young. Not that I am worried, but it kind of irks me out when people throw related statements, even when they do not mean to create the pressure. I am of the same age as my SIL, who is petite and like most of the petite people she has a baby look even at thirty. I am far from being petite. I have the average height of an Indian woman (not tall!) and a well built plump figure with high cheek bones. I would not look younger than my age ever. I look like exactly of my age if not old. So when I announce, I want to wear a saree- the next statement is always, how a saree makes me look not-so-young. These statements only rekindles my love for sarees but some where at the back of the mind - I struggle with myself. As much as I love elegance, I believe in aging gracefully. I am not sure how to answer such statements which compel me to try to look young. (I am sure, petite people like my SIL struggle with body shaming too!)

I am not sure if this soon to be thirty body is creating havoc or I am just into a difficult state of mind, where I crave to talk to my own people. Possibly like minded ones. Every day I manage to snatch time to spend from husband's (and mine) schedule but hello, is there any body else? Anybody else I can crib about multifaceted war I am braving? Or it is not a war, but a phase?

Whatever it is.  I am going to sail through.

November 2, 2017

Not So Saree State of Mind

I love dressing up for Indian weddings. Now don't get me wrong, nobody can do it without shopping clothes worth flaunting. My general expectation is that a virtual weaver should come to me, discuss designs with the 'slender' me, get all of them made in two three days and then I am all ready to rock and roll. Obviously, every single data point (How engineerish!) is a pure work of fiction. Because, as much as I love browsing elegant clothes, I dread going to actual shopping and decide on a single outfit.

So now when there is a big wedding coming up in the family , my mommy is over enthusiastic (and nervous) about my future attires. (How hopeful, I bought the simplest costume to wear in my own wedding. I never stopped loving understated elegant clothes but that calls for another post. Basically I hate shopping 98% of times) While fed up of discussions about what to use with my 7 kg Lehenga (In the song 'Ghoomar', Deepika could dance in 30 kg lehenga!?) I got from my in-laws as a gift and in which function I should wear that yet to weave elegant saree I have not bought..

Me: (Typing in full speed) How did I decide so fast on which wedding saree to wear, How did you survive with my such an attitude, Mom?

Mumma: I was not worried about your shopping phobia back then,  I was thankful in you deciding on getting married only

Well I always knew, I could have been taking no stand to get married at all, if Mr.ISB never entered the picture.

Now mommy dearest knows too.


October 23, 2017

Diwali 2017

Generally a month before Diwali is when I start getting adrenaline rush in my system for the festivities. Right from hunting for that gorgeous designs for two Rangolis I make with traditional powder colors. (Isn't it sad to see quick fix ready made-studded Rangolis now?) to searching for ways to add new bright colored fabric to make the house look alive, I plan it all. This Diwali it was different.

I did not realize that Diwali is close, till the conversation with mom who reminded me to apply 'Gheru' in a day. Yes, a day before 'Vag Baras'. It was not only a sad realization, it was also shattering as Diwali is one of my most favorite festivals. I would blame it on the work. After working for twelve hours a day, I think it is humanly impossible to prepare for Diwali. Though after the 'realization' event, I took the case in my hand. Buying snacks and sweets to gift to relatives, preparing Diyas, Taking out Rangoli colors from attics, buying new colors (at 8.30 pm, no less!) and a pair of new clothes for myself- I tried to do it all.

Well, a grave mistake but a happy one. I was dead tired by the day Diwali arrived- does not mean I missed visiting 7-8 relatives in two days (I don't get leaves any way!) I would have preferred a happier and relaxing Diwali but who gets it all. 

Creating two really rough Rangolis (So 'rough' that somebody in the building ruined the same in flat two hours!) and one elaborated Rangoli for the main two days of Diwali, Flaunting my grandmother's dull cream Banarasi with new shiny black brocade blouse in the office, Creating tiny Rangolis in office, feeling really fancy in the understated maroon and purple colored Patola of my mom, wearing heavy silver Jhumkhas and spending busy hours with Mr.ISB. I think I geared up pretty well.

I just wish for a calmer Diwali next year where I don't have to brave my fatigue to fulfill my wishes to enjoy festivities.

How was your Diwali? Ah, Happy Belated Diwali !!

Would you like to see my Rangoli??

October 5, 2017

Screen Show

Bubblegum excitingly showing a video of a very classy home to Mr.ISB, on YouTube.

(Bubblegum is a very decor loving lady here. She likes to keep on changing decor of her home, using different DIY ideas and what not.)

Mr.ISB (with a bit of hesitance):  I think I have already seen it.

(Mr.ISB is not exactly a decor loving guy (more of a movie loving guy) here. Well, he is agnostic to atmosphere around him. He is unknowingly a minimalist person in his mind - A bedroom should have a comfortable bed. In real life, it depends how many cables he can ignore around him.)

Bubblegum assures that it is the first time, she is showing this video to him. And the video starts..

It starts with a warm, bright and sunny drawing room and a spare room. Bubblegum is busy devouring the beauty and Mr.ISB likes it, but not sure about how he should express the same. And then, it is now bedroom- that they are showing.

A bed room with a very cool bed, a sunny corner with a rock chair to read on, a book shelf and a classy dressing table. Bubblegum is immersed in the dream world and Mr.ISB shows the excitement, suddenly.

Mr.ISB: Oh look, there is a television in the bedroom. That is the best part of the entire decor video.

Bubblegum rolling her eyes in clockwise and  anti-clockwise directions, one after another.

No, Bubblegum is still not with the idea of having a seperate television in any other room than the drawing room. Does it even matter in the era of Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime, anyway?

September 12, 2017

Chai time chitchat #11

Isn't it little too long I wrote anything? I knew this in fact, on each passing day but either it was my week long illness, post recovery or nothingness in a hectic 'some what happening' life, which eventually resulted in absenteeism on the blog.

Let me start with the viral infection I was down with. After reaching a very very high temperature, I was given very very high power antibiotics which in turn gave me (I am tempted to write 'very very') weakness and bad stomach for weeks. It was a disaster and it took me around four five days, only to digest that even I, who was always a stronger (My daddy is the strongest otherwise, followed by my brother which leaves me and mom..well..) person in my family during illness, can also get affected. And how. Anyway, I am fine now. Doing decent.

In other news, Mr.ISB flew to Copenhagen which means I would be relaying on digital communication to know whereabouts of the introvert guy. Phew. I won't say I am going to miss him like nobody's business, because in comparison with last year's four months pilgrimage of his highness' - ten twelve days seem easy. Also, I have plans to paint a bit, which is easier in his absence thanks to my anxiety of getting my art supplies spoiled due to his unintentional stormy presence in the room.

Work. Now, work front is getting difficult day by day, thanks to every one in the team falling sick one by one, due to different sickness. As much difficult  the job is getting, I am becoming more disciplined about using my time I am in office, efficiently. Hopefully, I would stick to the regime. 

I'm in search of a few activities which let me be in a state of flow. May be painting, dancing, music or reading.May be, I should pick the ones which are constant in giving out moments of joy. (Books and films are making me too sentimental now a days- looks like I am becoming my mom! Oh my God, no!) How do we find out , what we really want?

About walking. I love walking. With my husband. With my friends. With my uncle and aunt from US of A. I feel, I remember all of them more when I walk over a street, while observing bright colorful fruits and vegetable stalls, cars passing by, people chit chatting with vendors, buildings standing tall since ages. I like being in a well of memories or may be something which has never happened. 

How are you guys doing?