March 21, 2017

Chaitime Chitchat #8

  • Our Europe trip got postponed twice and this time for over three months. Phew. A much much needed break just disappeared before I even dream about it. But as we say, 'Whatever happens, Happens for Good', I also realized a day after we cancelled our trip that the startup I work for got the biggest ever break and not to brag but without me it would have been a mess to convert the order/service. 
  • I brought home, a new Mogra plant and I am in love with it. Though this is a sure shot beginner's luck that flowers are blooming every single day - I hope I can take care of the same forever. Can not wait to expand my balcony garden further, if I can successfully take care of all the plants. 
  • The Summer has officially been kicked off and things I like about summer, needs a separate post. As of now let me mention, Cold coffee. I am craving for it since one week and every single time I fail to make one for myself or even order, for some or the other reason. Today may be?
  • With mercury reaching new heights, my faith and pride for Cotton is increasing in manifolds. I really feel one should not use synthetic fiber in daily wear only because Western countries use them. To keep skin healthy and feel relaxed, adopting Indian weaves is the best bet. With designers coming up with smart and fusion clothing labels, I don't think it is impossible. I'm looking forward to shopping sprees! 
  • Chai does not give me that happiness any more. Time for a change? Well. May be Not?
  • I'm suffering from loss of lordosis and if you think it is some sort of filmy disease - let me tell you, it is not. It happens when you use laptops and mobiles while doing circus with your neck and back. It is a punishment to your cervical vertebrae which has lost the natural curve. I always knew, curves are in! ;-)
It seems like an age we have talked, isn't it? 

March 5, 2017

A Nosy Affair

I am picky about cleanliness and organized surroundings. As much as I like to be lazy, I can never fall in the category of messy people. Exactly from where my husband belongs to. As he had said once, 'we are an organized chaos' together, one can imagine us together!

Needless to say, my mornings and weekends are generally spent in cleaning nook and corners of the room and the house (if not tired) if people leave me alone -Which is a primary condition my mind fetches for when I feel like de-fragmenting the house. I do not like people peeping through my spree at all. 

So when yesterday, my parents-in-law were not at home and the husband was glued to the sofa while my sister-in-law was cleaning her room, my 'requirements' to get into the 'cleaning' mode got fulfilled. I started throwing hoarded but useless things out, organized open shelves, changed sheets, cleaned the fridge (The husband also had to leave his 'Sinhasan' and help me to get things tidy in the drawing room for full five minutes) I had achieved 'Niravana' mentally by the time I was done. 

After taking bath and cooking, I took my kindle and started reading. 

Just when I was getting engrossed in the story, Mr.ISB got up and picked my nose and started rattling it. (The story behind this habit and love for my nose calls for another post!) I got really irritated.

"Are you cleaning out my nose ?", I feared my nose might get detached. I also wanted to be sarcastic and embarrass him by asking to put his fingers in my nose if he wants to really clean my nose! 

"Yes, You were cleaning  out every thing around, hence I thought of helping you out'"


I guess I married him because, hardly anybody comes back to me in such situations and He gets me every single time!

February 23, 2017

Freshness Reloaded

When I say, my office is a mess- I am not exaggerating. The company being a startup, we do not have the privilege of getting fancy desks and lockers but we are not as poor as bootstrapping startups who dwell in garages. But, an OCD freak at home but liberal in office, that is yours truly can not really digest how other five guys can collectively make an office such a big mess. So much, that cables, old batteries, broken speakers (who would use speakers in office?) , old prototypes can be found every two steps you take inside our humble tiny abode.

We all together tried to change this situation. Even when a director of mine is very organized and cleanliness freak (Believe me, then also the result is dingy look alike office) ,we fail. Collectively fail. Every Single Time.

So finally, I stopped taking small measures like - putting more dustbins, keeping pens strictly in the holder and bla bla... And brought a couple of fresh Gerberas and put it in the same pen holder look alike mug.

My small way of reloading freshness and brightness (with strictly muted tones in this office of ex-consultants) in the office.


February 15, 2017

Delhi Memory Trail

When the most awaited Delhi trip was about to get kicked off- I was buried in my laptop - struggling to make things work at office. To my dismay, I had to carry my laptop. No regrets, I could tick of the tasks on time, even when on trip. I wish my next vacation in Delhi to be laptop-less. (Mr.ISB can be seen rolling his eyes now)

I do not really like winters in Mumbai as it hardly makes you wear jackets, or go under-cover..uhmm under blanket, but when we landed, my winter deprived (Read: Real Winter Deprived) soul just jumped with joy - or partly it was shivering! Don't really think that it was easy- I had conveniently forgotten the Chudidar I was suppose to change to, on the airport and our luggage came after an hour of landing,which had anyway caused a delay of an hour. In short when we reached our friend's place (or should I say, the bride-to-be) - I was looking as shabby as I could with dead appetite- which I had not dreamed of. I meant, who the hell in Delhi can ignore the yummy food. Anyway, we were overjoyed chitchatting with the family hosting us and Mr.ISB's ISB friends (?) whom we were meeting after ages.

I can not skip mentioning the beautiful guesthouse, where we were graciously put to stay. Not in my life I have seen such a beautiful guest house- needless to say it was a Navy Guest House- full of flowers, plants and facilities. Sad, we could not use all of them but a walk in this place, next morning- made it up a bit in a way. Our small trip to my dad's favourite place - Khan market, a bit of shopping and lunch with friends - Delhi trip became a bit too difficult to balance at that point.

The subdued and classy Punjabi wedding can not be complete without delicious food and alcohol and that is what welcomed us both days. Those informal simple functions and a classy open farm wedding in Delhi winter- is something I can not describe in words. I was so excited that the undigested lunch in my stomach when created acidity and headache, and later made me vomit- could not hold me back. Once I puked, I was back in the enjoyment mode and oh boy, from decor to food to atmosphere to classy Delhi attire - I had it all around me. Before I forget the highlight of the wedding for me was flaunting the Haldi colored Banglore Silk gifted by my Kaki- such a gorgeous piece of fabric. (Just added in my to do list: Get a fancy blouse for it. Now!) I can not wait to flaunt other two sarees as well, if you are reading this, Kaki.

And the last day was completely given to my Frock Buddy N and our adventures while Mr.ISB left the city. Right from having my style of Adarakhwali chai, shopping, chit chatting, gossiping, laughing, forgetting wallet at home, metro rides, wine, food and Golgappa. It could not have been better. Well, it was not that easy again! The morning I had a flight appeared with an Uber strike and hence the whole wait-for-the-cab-and-then-get-the-cancellation mode,a kind Autowale chacha dropped me to the airport.

Even when I could hardly keep my eyes open in the office I went to, directly after landing in Mumbai- I was smiling from ear to ear.

Delhi, Bye till next time. Kohl laden eyes, Tangy Golgappa, Ethnic clothes and everything around. I would miss you.

February 8, 2017

Chaitime Chitchat #7

In case you are wondering how am I getting my daily evening dose of chai after our canteen stopped working one day? Well,you guessed it right. I have done the Jugaad  of having the best of all the instant tea I could hunt for, in the office where we have a small pantry corner (which has the electric kettle). And no, I am not too sad about it as I have developed the taste for it. This happened ,after I had to drink the cutting chai mixed with kachcha milk on the near by tapari, just because I told him to make tea with less sugar. 'Yuck' was an understatement about what my taste buds had to go through and I could not drink tea any where except home for a week. I've finally started the instant tea and proudly call it  my savior. So, you enjoy your boiling hot tea- while I am done with preparing the instant tea. Shall we sit and talk?

Last few weekends for me were very very busy. Either with weddings or with short trips- which were fulfilling yet tiring. Hence when this Saturday I worked till 6 pm, I had reached the saturation point. I was exhausted beyond my limits and the head was throbbing with pain which ultimately led me to force my self to take a break on Sunday. I decided to do zero work. No cooking, No dusting, No helping any one - contrary to my habit of lending a hand, when any elderly person at home is working- come what may. I decided to really do what I wanted and which meant attending Kala Ghoda Festival. Yey!

KalaGhoda was a nice experience if not great. A super healthy lunch outside, shopping  at the festival and day dreaming about designing my garden window - Sunday was good. Of course, it ended with a shitty cup of coffee. I wish some day, I would get a real coffee when I really want it! Phew.

I have been lately suffering from stiff shoulder and neck spasm. Something in me says if this does not get resolved I should reach out to the doctor.  My touch-me-not nature every morning rejects the idea of going to the body spa while my fatigued-self in the evenings plans for the Spa session every day. In between my practical-self is planning to send my husband to learn back and shoulder massage. Well, kidding. He is already good at it, if he starts believing me that my back is not the punching back! I think I need to laugh more, on those 'Move- Aha se Aha tak' ads where husband softly massages wife's aching back.

I'm also planning to re-start my DIY drive and many more stuff. Apart from looking forward to my food & shopping filled upcoming Delhi trip (which is happening thanks to a friend getting married!)

Only if I've not jinxed it yet!


How are you guys doing?

January 25, 2017

Home (Town) is ....

Where winters are gorgeous and pink.
Where one has to wear slippers even at home.
Where I can get over flowing supplies of curd and butter milk, even in winters!
Where I get forced to apply lip balm every now and then. Winters are still lovely.
Where everything around is in order and beautiful done,thanks to my mommy dearest.
Where no one can sleep till even 9am. Again thanks to mommy but with a bit of support of our irregular maids!
Where I can get all the delicious heritage food dishes to hog on to.
Where I can just lie down in peace because hey, there is no noise at 12 am like Mumbai.
Where I shop shop shop and shop and never drop. Specially fabric! No town in the world can weave cotton thread, the way my home town does.
Where I can talk talk talk and talk with my entire clan because we all share the same frequency.
Where I can meet my bestie - Frock Buddy N( provided she is in the town) and chat, laugh, eat, laugh and chat.
Where I can open my mother's wardrobe and grab any saree from her beautiful collection, just for the sake of it.
Where my brother eats whatever I cook.Only if we have not had an argument before the dish got cooked!
Where I can get all my ID proofs' photocopies with lamination, tucked in my folder. In Mr.ISB's language, 'Isn't your mom awesome!'

Home (town) is really where that part of my heart is.

Even after so many years, the remaining part of my heart sinks when I leave the town.

January 18, 2017


I'm never surprised when some one comments on my hair calling it a big chunk of wires or 'Satya Saibaba'  or even 'Jatadhari'. Yes, I was christened 'Jatadhari' only because my hair could drink away a big bottle of coconut oil in a few minutes. I may be exaggerating but this is the only way one can understand what I'm trying to convey -the exponential growth over scalp and fizzy hair.

I've had my share of bad hair days or say years, but after I got myself a short hair-cut to flaunt, I was into a perpetual state of 'Happy Hair'. At least that is what I believed. Till today.

My director who is young (at heart) enough to get shooed away by me (thankfully), started laughing seeing me.

"How come your hair looks combed today", he said.

No, my friends. Neither I was not into a new swag nor I had invented a chemical to control my hair growth. 

I was wearing a scarf!